Our Children`s


Our Children’s Stories

Saving Mpho

Mpho is 18months old. The police brought her to Impilo on a freezing cold winters night. She was frightened, exhausted, starving, dirty and freezing cold. She was wearing only a nappy and a t-shirt. The neighbours heard crying from the shack opposite hers all day long. She eventually investigated and through a small space in the corrugated iron she saw Mpho sitting alone screaming.  She tried to get into the shack to help Mpho but the door was padlocked. When she could not get in she called the police. Mpho’s mother was nowhere to be found and we later discovered that Mpho had been left on her own for 3 days with the stove on. This was not the first time that Mpho had been left alone. When Mpho was brought to Impilo the caregivers had to wash her 4 times before she was clean, her teeth where rotten and black.